Board of Directors

The Board of Directors can have as many as 24 members who bring their talents and skills to provide the necessary experience needed to manage this presenting non-profit organization. Committees include Executive, By-Laws and Procedures, Development and Sponsorship, Education and Outreach, Endowment, Finance, Nominating, and Program.

In developing programs, the Program Director works with national and international agents and booking firms to bring in the most exceptional talent. Once talent is identified and booked the next steps are equally as important and take a group of dedicated people from several committees; Advertising and Marketing, House Operations, and Membership.

It is a considerable commitment which we believe speaks to the value of Burlington Civic Music in our region. We have a love, enjoyment, and respect of the musical arts that we love to share because we know you feel the same. It warms our hearts to see the impact on all of us at every age. And it is an honor to give our time and talent to accomplish the mission of BCM.

Kay Conrad


  • Beth Ash
  • Kevin Carr
  • Curtis Cloke
  • Eric Danielson
  • Ashlee Darley
  • Nick Dirth
  • Christy Ford
  • Kay Conrad
  • Maryann Jordahl
  • Julie Kirk
  • Andrew Mahoney
  • Deb Mulch
  • Linda Riley
  • Daphne Rothlisberger
  • Becky Rump
  • Ruth Ann Sandrock
  • Jane Schulte
  • Scott Teater
  • David Wagaman
  • Lori Weiss
  • Pat Whitmore


  • Paula Messamaker
    Database Coordinator
  • Barbara McRoberts
    Program Director

Your Board Members at  Work

Your Board Members…

Here’s to the Ladies who brunch

Our header photo was shot by Holly Carpenter who was born and raised in Burlington. She started doing photography in the early 2000s with what, a the time, was a very familiar camera: the point and shoot. Shortly after she upgraded to the SLR. In 2008, she joined the world of digital. And without any formal classes or training, Holly began pursuing a career as a photographer. Her learning process included reading tons of books, a lot of trial and error and, too many Youtube videos to count during which she discovered a love for night photography. The header image is just one example of her passion and discovery of the beauty that can be found in the night that surrounds us. If you want to see more, Holly sells her work every year at the Annual Craft Show held at Memorial Auditorium the first full weekend in December. Stop by to say hello.

All of Holly’s photographs are available for purchase. You can see more of her work @